The Salty Ballerina
The Salty Ballerina
A dancer's life by the Sea
Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our new direction...


Meet the salty Ballerina: Addison!

Hi friends! My name is Addison Holmes, and my family and I are living and loving the salt life in Southern California! I am a professional ballet dancer and choreographer, and have had an amazing creative and active life all around the world! I'm also a busy mom, who wants to make time for her family and create memories that last a lifetime! I would love to share my experiences and love for travel, food, beauty, fitness, and art with you! Hope you enjoy :)

*Addison Holmes is the Ballet Director for Shannon Mather’s Mather Dance Company in Orange County, California. She is an R.A.D. trained professional ballet and commercial dancer, represented by The Movement Talent Agency in Los Angeles, as well as the Ballet Instructor and Judge for Dupree Dance Convention. She is the Creator of the Non-Profit “Wanderlust Dance Project”, a Seasonal Dance Concert opportunity for young serious dancers and professionals.


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