addison holmes


addison holmes

Don't you feel exhausted by expectations? Being a great mom, friend, wife, co-worker, while at the same time being fit and keeping up with the new norm of social media? You have to take a moment (or 10!) to decompress and rejuvenate both your body and spirit! Here are my tips on how to reset the body and mind with purpose and fulfillment!


Find your quiet space...

This could mean a bubble bath with essential oils and bath salts (I love Vetiver to calm "mind chatter"), taking a long walk in nature, taking a moment before bed to lie in a good space. Visualize what your body and spirit needs at that moment, and ask for it. Imagine one positive word and focus on that word, and let it envelop you and your being. Let it calmly create a new energy and lightness around you.

Bubble Bath Time🛁💕

Bubble Bath Time🛁💕

Actively recover your body...

I have three ways I love to recover my muscles. One is using a foam roller. Super easy to use and you can pick one up at Target or Amazon online! Take the roller horizontally and lay across your upper back. Open the shoulders and take ten deep breaths. Taking your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent, roll your upper back to the base of your neck back and forth for 30 seconds. This is a source for a lot of kept tension. Take the foam roller next on your right side, with both legs parallel straight and the foam roller below your hip, "side saddling on it". Using your left leg bent and foot flat on the floor, rock up and down along the roller to roll out your IT band and glute. If you come to a more sensitive sore spot, linger in it for a few deep breaths. Repeat to the other side. 

Second device I love to use is an Acupressure Mat. This yoga mat can be found at Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even Walmart! Kind of looks like an ancient torture device, but I promise it feels like heaven! I use the mat for both my feet and back, especially after long and tense days. For foot therapy, simply step on mat barefoot. For back lie on flat surface or your bend with your back on the mat, and make sure your skin is bare or your shirt is a very thin material to feel the full effects.

Lastly, I love using smaller lacrosse balls, for some serious foot relief as well as more intense rolling of my fascia and muscles. Not only is it heaven on your arches and metatarsals, if you use these bad boys two at a time on opposite sides of your spine on your lower back, your body will thank me! Use similarly as you would a foam roller, just tread lightly as they can bring some intense pressure. Again, anytime you get to a particularly "sticky" and sore spot, hold right where you are and take some big lung cleansing breaths. My favorite spot to hit with the lacrosse balls are the outsides of the gluten. Definitely a lot of tension there, whether I have been on my feet dancing and running around all day, or sitting in an airplane for hours.

Find a restore and relax yoga practice...

It sounds cliche, however there is a reason yogis bodies feel good. The amount of oxygen, supple spine work, and release the yoga poses create for our bodies and minds are remarkable. Find a restorative or slower practice you can call on during the time you need your body to unwind.


Feed your body like you love it...

Huh?! Ok this seems like I'm asking you to diet but this is the opposite of diet. It may seem intuitive to grab onto that chocolate cake or glass of wine to make you feel better, but is that really what your body wants, needs? Replenish your body with cleaning water, cantaloupe, watermelon, and light fruits heavy on the water to give your liver and colon a break for a few hours. Make easy spa water with sliced organic cucumber, lemon, and mint. You can even freeze in ice cubes for easy access when you need it, and have Spa Water anytime!

Here's one of my favorite salads, clean and refreshing. Plus easy to make!

watermelonmintthai basilraw cashews.jpg


Our bodies take some serious daily beatings and we need to take time to respect our bodies and be grateful for all they give us! The mind:body connection is HUGE! Bigger than we can even imagine. When we allow ourselves rest and care, our body will reward us with strength and positive energy. And the world needs more of that all around!