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Traveling With Style

addison holmes
Traveling With Style

What I LOVE about traveling is packing my style in an efficient way. When traveling for work, it’s super important that I keep my carry-on suitcase and bag light and efficient. I never check a bag when traveling for work, because often I need to jump directly from the plane to an Uber to get to a job, and there’s always a chance at a lost bag when checking your suitcase. I even had 3 back to back jobs over the span of two weeks, and still used my carry-on suitcase! So much easier and you have more control.

So what’s important when traveling? Chic looks, that are light and effortlesss and work for multiple temperatures, beauty products to help keep me fresh, and of course snacks!


So let’s start with the suitcase. First, I really pare down on my shoes when packing. I choose one heel in a neutral or light color (pictured here are these adorable Enzo Angiolini pink heels), one wedge boot in black (my favorite are my Michael Kors featured here), and I wear a riding style boot on the plane (Vince Camuto, Frye boots, and Free People are a few of my go-tos). Now almost every hotel I travel to, has a way to rent tennis shoes if I have time to workout, so I save major space not packing workout shoes. If you know me, I’m not a sneaker style girl, so to pack a shoe that I may only use once is not efficient!

Next, I think about my evening wear. Whether I’m traveling on convention to teach and judge, or to go choreograph where I often am taking out by clients, I need atleast two evening looks. I choose one jumpsuit (Halston Heritage, Christian Siriano, and pictured here Show Me Your Mumu, are a few of my favs!). Jumpsuits are sleek, chic while not overly formal, and often are great material for packing and rolling to fit easily in your suitcase. I will pack another more formal look, either dress or formal skirt. My favorites are easy material that won’t wrinkle. Pleats are perfect (like this MSGM skirt pictured) or if I need a sleeker look, Herve Leger (or similar) style dresses pack seamlessly and never wrinkle. Also look for Neoprene, as it holds it’s shape, is crazy flattering, and packs tight.

For my work, I need activewear with style. I love leotards/bodysuits and the most flattering I never leave home without a Yumiko leo. They are the most flattering and keep me confident when teaching upwards of 12 hours. Another brand I am digging at the moment is Ballet Rosa. Their designs are so girly and romantic. I also pack multiple black leggings, shorts, as well as my favorite jumpsuit/rompers. My favorite leggings are Alo Yoga and my American Apparel leggings.

For beauty, I try to bring touches of spa and home to keep me energized on long weekends. I pack various face masks, travel bath salts, hair masks, my Sonicare toothbrush, and travel Colgate wisps. You have to take time for self care on the road, even if it’s an extra 10 minutes! Last, I make sure to bring my wand curling iron. I can usually curl my hair the first night, and keep the body in it through the next evening (with a little help from Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo!)

I finish packing with about ten laser cut nude thongs (Target Xhilaration brand and Commando low rise are THE BEST!) and I’m ready to zip up my Diane Von Furstenberg carry on!


Now for my carry on bag! I try to keep this really organized (you know how panicky those TSA lines can get)! I put my Apple Powerbook in its cushioned case, throw in my makeup bag, T Spheres, CBD Oil, Tiffany + Co coin purse, my travel silicon ring from Groove, Schmidt’s Natural Deoderant, Travel Pillow, Jon Hart monogrammed crossover bag, Protein Bars (I LOVE One bars, 20g Protein 1g Sugar and the taste great!), plus a box of EPIC Bison Bars. Healthy food options are not always handy on my travels, and good snacks make sure I don’t grab fast food or candy. I also always wear my favorite long pink coat from MissGuided. It has a tulip/cape style collar, so I can envelope myself on those overnight and red-eye flights, and grab a few extra Zzzzzzs! I also travel with a hand carved wooden cross that was my Grandmothers and my pastor gave to me on my wedding. Feels good to travel with, and reminds me who I have looking out form me! And don’t forget charges and headphones! I like to keep mine all in one place in a zippered pouch in this red bag. I love the rectangular shape, to fit my laptop, and everything around it.

Now I’m ready for Take Off! Bon Voyage!