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Honey 💛 Honey

addison holmes
Honey 💛 Honey

"She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey..." one of my favorite Van Morrison songs describes it best. There's something about honey, and not just because it's lovely and sweet. Did you know, honey has incredible benefits for skin? It's moisturizing, to create that dewy Old Hollywood glow, and soothe red skin. It is a natural antibacterial, great for blemishes. It's full of antioxidants, to slow down the aging process. 

So before you poke your cute little nose in a beehive, I have a perfect product for you! Eczema Honey. An amazing company making a beautiful product with integrity. All natural, and locally made right here in beautiful, sunny California! It's Organic, only 5 ingredients, and sensibly priced!  Plus, they have an excellent guarantee, so try without risk! The original has a lovely Almond Oil, and they also have a "Nut-Free" honey cream. Both smell and work amazing!


The cream is concentrated, so you only need a little to make a big difference. 

As a ballet dancer, Jetsetter, and avid beach goer, my lifestyle can wreak havoc on my skin! I tend to get really dry skin, especially after spending a few hours on an airplane, or 10 hours dancing and teaching. I also have sensitive skin on my décolleté and back of my arms. Every product I had used, was too heavy, or with yucky fillers and it would cause me to have blemishes. Fixing dry skin should not cause breakouts! That's where Eczema Honey has saved my skin.

Plus, for all you moms out there this product is incredible for children of all ages. I wish I had this when my son was a baby. It's so gentle, and checkout there website for before and after photos of baby eczema~ it will make you a believer! Remember, even though children can not eat honey before age 1, they can have it applied topically. 


*Because they are natural and organic ingredients without any chemicals or preservatives added, just make sure you store your jar in the fridge. I also love to pop it in the freezer for a bit for an extra cool and soothing application!

*I also use lightly on my dead ends, gently braid my hair, and shower in the morning. Leaves my hair soft and tangle free all day!

*Apply a little thicker before your bubble bath and make a mask. Softly remove with a warm wet towel at the end of your relaxing bath, and voila! Fresh baby smooth skin!

*Too much fun in the sun? I combine with a 100% all natural aloe vera gel (be sure to read ingredients so no pesky chemicals) and use on a sunburn.  

*I love to apply to my cuticles, for a natural relief for my nails

*I spoon a 1/4 ounce in a clear glass Lip Balm Container (you can find online and Amazon for under $1 each!) and have a perfect lip balm. Also would make super cute gifts for Bridesmaids.



Organic, natural, made in the USA, and Risk Free~ What are you waiting for?! Try now with my discount code for 5% off their already discounted prices!

Discount Code: Addison

Store in the fridge!

Store in the fridge!